Friday, February 22, 2008

Other sites that denounce V.B.

I am not the only one who thinks he is a sexist pig. Here are some other sites that have documented his ignorant remarks .

Famous V.B. Quote- "she's smart, so how good could she look." - see, told you he is a winner!

The petition

I have created a petition to Fox 25 news in order to have "Virgin Boy" removed from their program. If you dislike this prejudiced hypocrite as much as I do, please take the time to sign!

How this blog came to be

Let's just say this whole thing started because I am lazy. At night, I watch The Simpsons on my local Fox station, Fox 25 Boston, and I usually fall asleep with the television on. The next morning, I usually wake up late and turn the tv on to keep me company as I prepare for work. I am, therefore, usually listening to Fox 25 morning news as I get ready in the morning. Now, as a proud liberal, I know that confessing I watch a Fox news program is terrible but, as I said, I am lazy (too tired to change the channel) and so I watch. Every day, I hear the "news commentator" Doug "Virgin Boy" Goudie, spout offensive, bigoted and close minded opinions and watch him gorge himself on diner food. I have had enough of both.

V.B., as he is known, has a long tradition of saying offensive things. He often is vulgar, degrading, and prejudiced towards minorities and those whose opinions differ from his own. I think Fox 25 can do better. They can find another opinionated fat head who, while stirring the proverbial pot, exhibits less chauvinistic characteristics.

Wednesday, Feb. 20. 2008, V.B. commented on the recent statements made by Michelle Obama and Cindy McCain. He went on to say that "first wives should be seen not heard" and that "he longed for the days of Laura Bush". His "intended" message, he claims, is that family of presidential candidates step to the background as they are not the ones who are running for office. That is not, however, what he said. I am in the process of requesting a transcript of his remarks so that you can be the judge for yourself (but Fox keeps such things under lock and key, making it difficult to obtain.)

I have created a petition to have VB fired- here is the link

He refuses to accept responsibility for his sexist statements

Here is his response to those who thought what he said was sexist:

Note that even the morning news anchor, Kim Carrigan, has been angered by his comment.

Indignant, I posted to the Fox 25 message boards

I wrote to Fox 25 but received no reply. Indignant, I flooded the message boards with my letter. Here are the links:

My Complaint Letter to Fox25 Morning News

~ My Complaint Letter to Fox25 Morning News ~

I am not one to write indignant letters but I cannot be quiet after what I heard this morning. VB thinks "First Ladies should be seen not heard"? Offensive on SO many levels. His ignorant comment illuminates just how ingrained sexism is in our society . Are first ladies meant to be just fashionable accessories? In all their political and charitable work, should they remain mute? And, if this is the case, how can we justify a former first lady running for (gasp) President? This is why Hillary has had such a difficult time achieving creditability and respect for her political career- because so many people believe her ideas to be "less than" that of her male counterparts. While I think that Michelle Obama may have not chosen her words effectively, I do support her right to say them. VB's commentary was incendiary and an affront to all the Fox25 viewers.

Now, I know that VB's function on the Morning News is to instigate discussion, ruffle feathers, shoot from the hip and tell it like it is, but, on more than one occasion, he has said something so sexist as to cause me great offense. I usually took them as the ravings of a conservative lunatic but today's comments crossed the line. I have watched Fox 25 News since its inception, but no more. I am obviously not part of the demographic you are aiming for as I am not a prejudiced, uniformed fool. I cannot say enough about how angered and disappointed I am about what was broadcast on your "news" show this morning. Kim tried to smooth the whole thing over by saying VB "misspoke" but I am not buying it. He has alluded to his sexist ideas too many times for this to be an anomaly. Sure, he gets people talking, but at what cost? In a year where a woman running for president is accosted by people yelling "Iron our shirts" can we really afford some idiot on tv saying "first ladies should be seen not heard; I long for the days of Laura Bush."

You have lost a loyal viewing this day and I would only return if VB were dealt with harshly. I believe in freedom of speech but he, as an agent of journalism, has a responsibility to the public to not say chauvinistic things without consequence. I hope you will consider his termination. I am sorry that it has come to this. I would also like to add that Gene and AJ are good guys who are respectful of women (although Gene does ogle the females a bit too much at times). I won't even mention the pathetic aging hipster know as Doug; he warrants a whole topic to himself. Anyway, as you can see, I do have a sense of humor about many things but I cannot condone what occurred this morning. I am sorry to say that I will now be looking for a new morning show. Thank you for your time.